Why Justina Wamae Declined Appointment to Presidential Taskforce on Health.

In a notable development, Justina Wamae, a prominent figure known for her contributions to various national initiatives, has respectfully declined her recent appointment to the Presidential Taskforce on Addressing Human Resources for Health. Her decision was conveyed through an official statement, in which she expressed her gratitude to President William Samoei Ruto for recognizing her capabilities and considering her for such a significant role.

The appointment was formalized through Gazette Notice No. 8437 under Executive Order No. 5 of 2024, dated July 5, 2024. In her statement, Wamae thanked President Ruto for acknowledging her strengths, capacity, and ability to contribute effectively to the task force, which is set to tackle pressing issues in the human resources sector of health in Kenya.

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However, Wamae explained her decision to decline the offer, citing personal reasons related to her current maternity leave. She emphasized the importance of being able to commit fully to her responsibilities and expressed concern that taking on this role at this time would impede her ability to perform effectively.

“Thank you Mr. President William Samoei Ruto for recognizing my strength, capacity, ability, and subsequently appointing me to serve in the Presidential Taskforce on Addressing Human Resources for Health vide Gazette Notice No. 8437, Executive Order No. 5 of 2024 dated 5th July 2024,” Wamae stated. “However, after careful consideration, I have decided to decline your offer given that I’m currently on maternity leave, and this development would affect my ability to work effectively at this time.”

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Her decision highlights the challenges faced by working mothers balancing professional commitments and personal responsibilities. Wamae’s choice to prioritize her family during her maternity leave underscores the importance of supporting parental leave policies and recognizing the vital role they play in ensuring the well-being of both parents and children.

The Presidential Taskforce on Addressing Human Resources for Health is a critical initiative aimed at tackling the myriad issues within Kenya’s health sector, including workforce shortages, training, and retention of healthcare professionals. While Wamae’s expertise and contributions would have been invaluable to the task force, her decision to decline the appointment has been met with understanding and respect from various quarters.

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As the task force continues its work, the appointment process will likely seek another qualified individual to fill the role. Meanwhile, Wamae’s stance serves as a reminder of the need for flexible and supportive policies that allow individuals to balance their professional aspirations with personal commitments effectively.

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