Kenyan Commandos in Haiti Reduced to Embassy Guards Amid Rising Violence

In a surprising turn of events, Kenyan commandos, initially sent to Haiti on a peacekeeping mission, have reportedly been reassigned to guard the US Embassy in Tabarre, a city northeast of Port-au-Prince. This development comes amidst a severe outbreak of lawlessness and cold-blooded murders plaguing the streets of Haiti.

The Kenyan security forces were deployed to Haiti with the primary objective of maintaining peace and stability in the troubled nation. However, recent reports indicate that these commandos have been reduced to performing security duties akin to those of private security guards like G4S, instead of their intended peacekeeping role.

The situation has sparked significant criticism and debate, particularly on social media platforms. Former Kenyan presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express his dissatisfaction. He wrote, “So, our Kenyan police abandoned the insecurity in northern Kenya and went to protect the US Embassy in the City of Tabarre, NE of Port-au-Prince on 5th July 2024. Meanwhile, the Haitian gangs destroyed two police stations in the City of Gressier & Carrefour a few miles West of Port-au-Prince & killed two Haitian Police Commissioners. Truly happy slaves.”

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Aukot’s comments highlight the growing concern over the perceived misuse of Kenyan security forces in Haiti, especially given the escalating violence in the country. The criticism is not isolated, as many Kenyans and international observers question the rationale behind the redeployment of these commandos.

Stephen Mbogo, a prominent social media enthusiast, echoed similar sentiments. He posted, “Kenyan police guarding the US Embassy in Haiti…. How did we get here? We have become a complete puppet of the West…!” Mbogo’s comments reflect a broader sentiment of frustration and disillusionment with what many perceive as Kenya’s subservience to Western interests.

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Another social media commentator added, “The Kenya Police went to guard the US Embassy in Haiti instead of implementing peace in the crime-prone areas there….one single Barbecue is being feared like Osama Bin Laden. We knew it was all about US selfish interests, nothing more.”

The criticisms come amid a backdrop of increasing violence and instability in Haiti. On the same day the Kenyan commandos were reassigned, Haitian gangs destroyed two police stations in the cities of Gressier and Carrefour, both located a few miles west of Port-au-Prince. In these attacks, two Haitian Police Commissioners were killed, further highlighting the dire security situation in the country.

The reassignment of Kenyan forces has raised questions about the priorities and objectives of the peacekeeping mission. While the protection of diplomatic missions is undoubtedly important, many argue that the primary focus should remain on stabilizing the country and protecting its citizens from rampant violence.

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The situation in Haiti remains precarious, with gangs continuing to exert significant control over various regions. The need for effective peacekeeping and security measures is more critical than ever. As the debate continues, the international community will be closely watching how the Kenyan government and other involved parties address the unfolding crisis in Haiti.

In conclusion, the reassignment of Kenyan commandos to guard the US Embassy in Haiti has sparked widespread criticism and raised important questions about the priorities of the peacekeeping mission. As violence continues to escalate in the country, the need for effective and targeted security interventions remains paramount.

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